Devil's Lake provides that rare combination of amazing views for a short hike. But make sure you go early in the day, especially on days with fair weather. With many activities, from swimming and grilling to hiking and fishing, Devil's Lake in Wisconsin gets crowded fast. When we arrived at 6am the parking lot was busy, but not full. By the time we left at 10am, the line of cars waiting to get in was out of sight.

We opted for early morning fishing for panfish on the west bank. If you are just starting out hiking and not ready for stairs, this may be the path for you. Level and paved, it provides a nice stroll along the lake. We caught our fish and tossed them on ice before beginning our hike.

To hike the western bluff, facing the lake from the north shore parking lot, turn to your right and follow the paved path and signs. You will arrive quickly at a gentle uphill, soon replaced by a granite rock staircase. The trek up the stairs is short though. Once at the top, a gently rolling path along the bluff takes you past multiple amazing views of the lake, eye level with soaring birds. Plentiful rock outcroppings frame the lake while providing level places to stand, sit, and take pictures. Worth it.

A short post for a short hike perhaps, but if you are ever in Wisconsin, make a stop at Devil’s Lake. You won’t be disappointed.

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I grew up in the woods. Coming home after school I would throw my book bag in the door and take off outdoors. Years later, this passion has returned. Experiencing the outdoors is like returning home.

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