It has been a long hiatus. The foxes have been busy, but unfortunately not with hiking, which you can get a clue of from the header. Snow? What is this frozen stuff? Well, you see, we moved to the northern Midwest. Speaking of which, why is it the “Midwest”. We have East, Midwest, and West…. even in our language we try to dismiss “fly over country”. Hopefully this is a good sign of my integration as I already have the chip on my shoulder. Enough of that, without further ado… HIKING!

If you live in or near Madison, and you have not hiked the Pheasant Branch Conservancy, do it! The Conservancy is a great hike within just a few minutes of any Madison address (assuming it is not rush hour on the beltine, oy!). Winter is here, so you’ll need to layer up, but the Christmas card perfect views are worth it.

Saturday was just a short hike. As you know, we hail from warmer climes and we are easing into this cold. Parking in nigh empty the lot on Pheasant Branch Rd, we looked around for a trail. Normally well marked trails are largely hidden in the snow, but there you can see a hint of trails in the snow depressions by the lot. Taking the trail north, we headed out.

At first, we were mostly post-holing up to mid shin or higher, making me wish I had worn snow boots instead of low-top hikers. Shortly in, turning right at the t junction, we leveled out onto a hard snow pack which easily held our weight. So well in fact that we didn’t realize at first that we were walking on two feet of snow. That is, until this

With temperatures trending below zero, we did not stay out long, but we did stay long enough to get the perfect bridge view over the creek. As they say, worth.

Do not let the snow and ice keep you in friends! Hike!

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I grew up in the woods. Coming home after school I would throw my book bag in the door and take off outdoors. Years later, this passion has returned. Experiencing the outdoors is like returning home.

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